Stock fonts are available on many custom printed items and most custom foil stamped items. When only a limited amount of fonts are available for a certain custom printed/stamped product, they will be specifically listed in the product page.

When placing an online order, indicate the desired font(s) in the additional instructions area at final checkout. If ordering by phone, have the font name ready when calling. When ordering using the fax order form, enter the font name next to the copy it corresponds to. For email reorders, there is no need to reference the font name again; unless you are making changes. If providing your own artwork, convert all fonts to curves/paths/outlines when setting-up your file.

Fonts are available in many sizes and in specific sizes when using our sample layouts. You may also indicate a specific font size next to the font name in the additional instructions area at final checkout. If no font size is indicated, we will use our best judgement when creating your proof. For best results, when using foil, avoid fonts with thin lines, very fine detail and small sizes.

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