Classic Ink Business Cards (Item 0101)
Product size:  3 1/2" x 2"  or  2" x 3 1/2"
Front: Up to Two All Flat or All Raised Inks.  Back: Blank; Flat Black with black ink front.
Margins:  1/8" blank margin all around the card; no printing in this area.

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Classic business cards are a basic and vital business tool. Have your business cards printed in all flat ink or all raised ink for the same low price. Choose from our custom layouts and stock art or provide your own design.

Customer Samples

Black raised ink on 80lb. white cover.

Black and red raised inks on 80lb. white cover.

Blue raised ink on 80lb. warm white linen.

Black and gold raised inks on 80lb. gray linen. 

Standard Ink Colors
Custom printing in all flat ink or all raised ink is available on the front side. Choose from any single ink or two-color combination listed below. Flat ink has a matte finish and dries flat on the stock surface. Raised ink has a gloss finish and dries elevated above the stock surface.
Black, Red, Blue, Process Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, Gray, Maroon, Gold, Teal, Purple, Yellow.
Black + Any Standard Ink, Red + Blue, Red + Green, Blue + Brown, Blue + Gray, Gray + Maroon.

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80lb. Cover Stock
Smooth surface. Matte finish.

80lb. White Cover

80lb. Natural Cover

80lb. Laid Stock
Horizontal, linear pattern.
Textured surface. Matte finish.

80lb. White Laid

80lb. Ivory Laid

80lb. Linen Stock
Horizontal and vertical pattern. Textured surface. Matte finish.

80lb. White Linen

80lb. Warm White (Cream) Linen

80lb. Gray (Frost) Linen

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